Friday, July 16, 2010

Shake it up, baby now!

Awoke this morning to a god-awful sound and the bed shaking - we had an earthquake with a 3.6 magnitude!  And for those of you who live in quake-prone areas thinking "big deal!" - I live in Maryland.  It happened at 5:05 am, and I have been up ever since.  And I am exhausted.  I think I'm still on edge, because I keep thinking I'm hearing rumblings outside (and it's not out of the question), even though it's not stormy.  Very weird start to the day.

Lauren went to King's Dominion with some friends, so I went with Sarah and Becca to lunch at Dave and Buster's.


I played some video poker (first time; it's very addictive) and the girls played air hockey and other games.


While suffering through rush-hour traffic on the way home, a bird crapped on my window.  Gross.  All my wipers and fluid did was smear it, which irritated me even more.  But then I noticed - it was now a fish.  


More weirdness to my day.

And then poor Lauren called from King's Dominion to let me know that all her and her friends' stuff had been stolen because they "hid" it instead of putting it in a locker.  Phones, iPods, money and clothes - all gone.  Harsh lesson.  Thankfully, after I reassured her that I wasn't angry and that I did feel bad for her, and that her things could be replaced, she was able to enjoy the rest of the day.

But that added to the day's weirdness in a way.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a (relatively) normal day.

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