Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Stuff

How do other bloggers, moms and otherwise, manage to post an entry every day?  Either I can't think of anything to write about (who really cares about the mundane events in my life?) or I don't have time.  Well, I have time, but unfortunately, I have a Facebook/Farmville addiction that must be fed.  I'm also reading a HUGE book (The Passage by Justin Cronin) which is a freaking door stop but really good.  I have to have that read before it's due back at the library since there are other holds on it so I can't renew it.  After that, I have a book to read that I said I'd review.

Speaking of reviewing books, I was reading a PDF for review that was just AWFUL.  I forced myself to read about 50 pages, but just couldn't do it.  I felt really guilty, but I had to email the publisher and let him know there was no way I could finish the book, let alone review it.  But once I did email him, what a weight off my shoulders!  Life is too short to read crappy books.


I just checked my email, and the editor wrote me back.  He completely understood the book wasn't my "cup of tea" and offered me a new book to read and review.  I'm so glad he was cool about it.

I've been walking every day this week, and yesterday I started the Wii Fit.  Yet I've gained a couple pounds this week.  Frustrating!  I'm eating healthy, so I'm wondering if the meds I'm taking have something to do with it.  But I guess I'd rather be a little overweight but happy rather than miserably depressed and skinny.  And I know it's silly, but buying jeans one size up just gets to me.  It feels like I'm giving up or something, but it's better than lying on the bed struggling to zip up, right?

Of course, my recent baking spree isn't helping.  Check out the peach crumble bars I made a few days ago:


I love the cup and saucer; they belonged to my beloved grandmother, Mom-Mom.  I only use them for photographing food; I'm afraid I'll break them if I used them on a regular basis.

And finally, a recent picture of Lauren and Becca, taken by Chris's mom.  Am I in trouble, or what?



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