Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Such a Mean Mom

Today I made Lauren go to band practice.  She called me from school so I could bring her some Aleve since she wasn't feeling well, which I did.  I could tell she wanted me to take her home, but I thought she could tough it out.  Which she did, although she did call about an hour later, hoping she could come home so she wouldn't have to march.  But her band teacher was a little irritated, so she stayed.

Lauren loves band, or so she says.  And she does seem to enjoy the competitions, football halftime performances, and the friendships she's made.  But when she the least little bit tired, or off her game, she gets very pouty about going.  It's very frustrating, especially when the rest of us give up a lot of our time for her activity.

So Lauren was still feeling bad when she got home, and fell asleep on the couch.  I was fine with that.  But when she woke up a little while later, she was feeling better so I suggested she go to practice even though she'd be late.  Well, that started a whole thing of "I'm too tired;" "My stomach's upset" and so on.  I was so irritated.  I told her that if she didn't suck it up and go in that indoor drum line this year was out of the question.  And that marching band is iffy for the next couple years because I can't keep going through this.  Not to mention she lets her grades slip even though she promises she won't.

Well, she ended up going in late, even though she had a little bit of attitude on the way there.  I'm not as irritated now as I was earlier, but that might change when I pick her up in a while.

And that's my mean mom moment for today.


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