Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Stealing, 11/7/10

I haven't posted in way too long.  Been sick, been busy, been blah.  I hate the cold weather and right now it's colder than it's supposed to be.  Yay for SAD - it should start early for me this year.  Hopefully my meds will help keep it somewhat at bay.  Stay tuned for more updates; I'm sure I'll be complaining.

Lauren's marching band has made it to the BIG competition, the ACCs, so we'll be heading to Hersheypark tomorrow to watch.  There are some parents who can stay at these competitions from start to finish, but I'm just not one of them.  I enjoy watching Lauren and her friends, but other bands?  Not so much.  So once Lauren's band is done, I'll take Becca over to the chocolate factory where we will take the tour and buy chocolate we don't need.  Should be a good day.

To add a little bulk to this post, here are my answers to this week's Sunday Stealing.  Haven't done it since July, but it's an easy way to get back into blogging.

1. What do you consider your hometown to be?

2. What’s the hardest part of your average day?

Getting up and dressed.

3. The easiest? Why?

Hanging with my family.  Because I enjoy them.

4. What beverage do you reach for to quench your thirst?

Diet Coke - many times a day.

5. What is one not-so-secret goal you have for your life? I’ll let you keep your secret ones to yourself. 

To live somewhere warm and sunny when the kids are done with school.
6. What physical pain do you fear most? For example, I’m trying to decide how bad my jaw pain needs to get before I risk a potential needle from my dentist. So, for me, throbbing is preferable to jabbing.

Any kind of biopsy.  I've heard they're excrutiating.
7. Where do you find solace?

At the beach, specifically, Ocean City, Md.
8. What makes you the saddest when you read/see the news?

Any horrible things done to children or animals.

9. What do you eat for a favorite snack?

I've discovered a love for dates and figs.  Can't get enough of them.
10. What movie could you/would you watch more than two or three times and still enjoy just as much as the first time?

Many, but I'll pare it down to Wild Hogs and Galaxy Quest.
11. What boy/girl first made you cry?

The boy I dated on and off through high school caused many tears.
12. What brand of coffee/tea do you drink most often?

I have a Keurig, and my favorite K-Cup right now is Kahlua with chocolate creamer.
13. Dig in the dirt with or without garden gloves?

I'm not a digging in the dirt kind of girl.
14. James Taylor or Carly Simon?

Carly, definitely.


I am Harriet said...

sometimes I enjoy my family too. I'm with ya on the Diet Coke.

Have a great day!

Join us for Monday Mayhem!

Lisa @ akawest said...

Dates and figs, and Kahlua with chocolate creamer. Reading that has made me hungry!

Draven Ames said...

It's cool to find out more about you. I love this "To live somewhere warm and sunny when the kids are done with school." That might be a good idea. We live in the Oregon, Washington area. Let me tell you, it's rainy.

Good luck at the marching band comp, for your kid. I hope she does well. I don't know if I would stay, either.