Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 + Some Cool News

Not that I expected differently, but Thanksgiving was very nice.  Usually we go first to my in-laws for a noon feast, then to my parents' for dinner.  We're all pretty roly-poly by the time the day is over.  Unfortunately, my mother-in-law isn't feeling well and wasn't up to making her yearly feast.  So we just went to my mom's for dinner.

While I missed my in-laws and my mom-in-law's incredible stuffing, my mom put out a delicious spread.  And I must say, my pumpkin pie was pretty yummy, as was the fudge I made.  So a nice day was had by all of us, even the dogs.  They were pretty excited about going bye-bye in the car and my mom even cooked the giblets for them, so they made out like bandits.

Pictures?  OK:

My girls:



Becca and me:


And, of course, Sandy and Jack hoping for turkey to drop (it did):


And now for some cool news - I had my first article published in our local newspaper today (The Brunswick Citizen)!!  I wasn't sure my article would be good enough, so I was so excited when I checked the paper today.  Here's hoping there will be more to come!



Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Sheri. You are still my favorite horror writer. I am not surprised your paper accepted and printed your article.
Jennifer Reno

Sheri said...

Wow, thanks so much, Jen! :-)

Mizzreviewlady said...

i am your newest follower from the december blog hop please follow me back at thanks!

Eschelle said...

super lovely Thanksgiving and you have a lovely family! Gorgeous girls!
new follower via the dec.2010 blog hop.
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