Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visited by a Celebrity!

I mentioned yesterday that a girl had her thigh tattooed at the Paul McCartney concert.  I don't know how in the world she found my blog, but she commented today on that entry!  Here are Loni Marie Mullaney's own words about the amazing connection with made with Paul:

Anonymous said... Hello, i am the girl whos thigh he signed, and after seeing paul mccartney on saturday in philly for my 6th time i decided to buy tickets to see him in pittsburgh 2 days before the show, and well he picked me to come on stage to get a tattoo... he has been doing this every show, but when he asked what my name was i said loni marie mullaney from philadelphia, and pittsburgh booed me!!!! hehehe ... i had a sign that read "I am the girl on the flaming pie( it was a drawing from his album flaming pie) tattoo it on my thigh!" so sir Paul signed my thigh and I've had it permanently tattooed. i did philly proud that is for sure!!!
Loni Marie Mullaney

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnxIJAuVFX0&feature=email this is the video i made

these are some titles on youtube where you can see it live!

YouTube - Loni Mullaney meets Paul McCartney
YouTube - Sir Paul McCartney Autographs Loni Marie Mullaney
YouTube - Girl gets thigh signed by Paul McCartney in Pittsburgh
YouTube - Paul McCartney autographs Loni Mullaney so she can have it tattooed.
YouTube - Paul McCartney signing a girl's thigh - 8/19/10. 

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Loni!  Glad you had such a neat experience!


Patricia said...

Loni is our daughter and she comes from a family who LOVE Paul and anything Beatles, as you would be able to tell from house which is decorated with memorabelia. We could not be happier about Loni meeting SIR PAUL himself up close and personal.....she deserved to be picked. Loni's MOM

Sheri said...

Hi, Patricia!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Sounds like you raised Loni like I'm raising my own - appreciating incredible music and talent. My youngest daughter is a huge Paul fan (she's 12), and she went to the concernt with my mother-in-law and me. I wish you could've seen Loni meeting Paul live - she was adorable!


Patricia said...

I am always happy to meet people who are like us.....BEATLE FANS!!!!
I think Loni grew up thinking Paul was part of our family (which I think he is LOL!!!!)because we have Beatles memorabelia and pictures everywhere in our house, so meeting him was like meeting a long lost relative...ha ha !!!
I wish we were there to witness it also.....this was the first time she saw Paul without us...but I guess that is how it was supposed to be...I probably would have FAINTED...LOL still we are on cloud nine along with her so it;s all good. And I agree...SHE IS ADORABLE!!!!! Thanks....nice to meet you....Patricia