Monday, August 30, 2010

Farts ARE funny...

Or maybe I'm just completely immature.

Tonight Chris and I took the girls to Longhorn for dinner.  As we chatting and eating, I heard an odd sound across from me and saw Lauren totally break down into giggles.  I assumed she had done the dreaded deed, but once I saw Chris's face as he tried not to laugh, I knew he was the culprit.

Lauren's giggles are extremely contagious to me, plus I find farts (especially when Chris does it) extremely funny.  You'd think I was a 10-year-old boy and not a 44-year-old woman.  So I lost it.  I turned red, tears streaming down my face.  Of course that is when the server chose to ask how it was going, which made me laugh harder into my napkin.

We (I) finally calmed down for a few minutes until Chris started talking about farts having a fruity and woodsy bouquet like wine does, and then Lauren and I were off again.  I had a mouthful of soda I was barely able to swallow.  When I came up for air, I noticed Becca wasn't beside me anymore, and Chris said she had fled out of embarrassment.  That got me going once again (she actually had gone to the bathroom).  The server came by to drop off the check.  By this time there were people sitting behind us, and I'm sure we were quite the spectacle.

So what started out as a crappy Monday after a crappy weekend (again, don't ask) turned out to be a very fun night with my family.  I may have to grow old, but I never have to mature.

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Staci said...

farts ARE funny! My family still giggles when the ketchup bottle makes that sound! Glad you were able to end Monday on such a happy note :)