Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday, 8/24/10

Now that a new school year has started, it's time for me to start some new things as well.  Here are ten things I'd like to work on throughout the school year:

Top Ten {Tuesday}

1.  My weight - I've gained about 17 pounds over the summer!  Starting Slim Fast and Sparkpeople today.

2.  Write more - and not just blog posts, Facebook updates and Tweets.  I really want to do this.

3.  Say NO more often when confronted with things I really don't want to do.

4.  Read more - again not just blog posts, Facebook updates and Tweets!

5.  Clean out laundry room - it's a catch-all and I really need to go through it.

6.  Clean out kitchen cupboards - mostly old pans I no longer need and the spice cupboard.

7.  Cook more - another reason I've gained weight.  I need to be more disciplined.

8.  Exercise!  Even if I just walk every evening.  I've been very bad about this over the summer.

9.  Do stuff I want to do and not just talk about doing it.  For instance, take a weekend trip to NYC like I've been wanting to do for YEARS.

10. Get Christmas shopping done EARLY.  I just want to enjoy the Christmas season.

I'll be keeping on my kids about their grades - maybe I'll enlist them to help me with my projects!

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Amy said...

Oh I can totally feel you on several of these... particularly that last one!

I always say I'm going to get that Christmas shopping done early, but every year, I'm on Amazon finding last minute items!

Great list... hope you get to take your NYC trip soon!

thecoolmom said...

OK, how did you get a peek at my diary? LOL That's pretty much what my list looks like too. Maybe we can support each other.