Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Will I Accomplish this Year?

This is Prompt #2 for the Blog Dare Challenge at Bloggy Moms:

The 2011 To - Do List

What would you like to accomplish this year?  What are the places you would like to visit in 2011?  What do you hope to check off your bucket list in 2011?

Here is my list of things I hope to accomplish by the end of the year:

1.  Lose the weight!  I started Weight Watchers today; I can do this.

2.  Read at least 52 books; hopefully closer to 100.

3.  Write more, and improve what I do write.  

4.  Be more active; exercise with the Wii Fit a couple times a week and walk when it's nice.

5.  Cook dinner more often instead of relying on take-out or make-your-own. Cook healthy.

6.  Try to get out of the house more, even if it's just going by myself to Starbucks or Borders.

I think that's enough to work on for now!  As for going places, we plan to take our vacation at the Outer Banks again, so I'm looking forward to that.  I also like taking the girls on day trips during the summer.

Still waiting to hear on a couple of fiction submissions!  I hate waiting; I keep checking my email, hoping for word - a good word.


Lee Thompson said...

Great goals, Sheri! You can hit them all, just keep working!

Sheri said...

Thanks, Lee - I'm determined!

Anonymous said...

First of all, it's nice to meet you on Twitter. Followed your link to here (like some crazed stalker) to find we have a few things in common. I think I'm contented with the amount of books I read. Year before last, I almost hit 200. I was working hard at it though. My average is about 125 a year and that's with a dry spell from July/Aug until the weather turns cold. This year, I'm just relaxing and going with what interests me.

My main goals are in the areas of writing and exercise. Your goals are very doable. I have a tendency to make mine a bit on the outragous side. ;)

What kind of writing are you interested in?

Sheri said...

Oh, my first stalker! ;-)

Glad you checked out my blog. I checked out yours as well; very cool and I'll follow it.

I mostly write horror when I write fiction, and I also review horror books. Blogging is a lot of fun, too.

Anonymous said...

Sheri, awesome. I am all over the place with my fiction writing. The only thing that stays consistent is that I focus on novel writing.

I'd planned to stop blogging at the end of 2010. The 365 was developed to help me move from book blogging to novel writing and it served its purpose. Then I signed up for a writing challenge where I'd need to post updates twice a week in 2011. Plans to banish blogging sort of came to a stop. :)