Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am now THAT MOM...

Today Becca went home with a friend after school.  I texted her to find out what time to pick her up, and she said she was eating dinner there.  No problem.  Later I texted her again - this time she asked if she could spend the night.

I said yes.

I've never let my kids spend the night with a friend on school nights before.  But Becca just got her report card, and once more made the Honor Roll.  So why not?  

My kids also watch horror movies and read pretty much anything they want.  We don't censor the TV too much, either.

So to all my friends with kids - I'm sorry.  Because now I'm the mom your kids will talk about when you say "No" to something they want to do.  "But Becca's mom lets her..."

In other news, I have some writing to share. 

In Came From the 80s: Midnight Movie Memories

The Infection by Craig DiLouie, book review

That's all for today!



Travis said...

You're definitely one cool mom. :)

Draven Ames said...

Hey Sheri,

That is cool that you have that trust with your kid. We would call to make sure she was there though. You never know these days. As a kid, we used to say we were staying the night at each other's house, then go out for fun.

Anyway, good luck! My oldest is 14 now, so soon we will have to deal with that.

Draven Ames

Sheri said...

Thanks, Travis - hope my kids think so!

Draven - it would be hard for my kids to lie about such things. We're a small community and the parents pretty much know each other. Plus I went over to her friend's house to drop off her jammies and stuff. :-) But I did the same thing you did when I was a teen.

I don't know why I thought you had itty bitty kids - maybe because you look so young in your picture.