Monday, May 16, 2011

A Day at Lewis Ginter

We had a crappy winter here - so many gray and dreary days, rain, snow.  I really despise winter, and also suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, so I'm always counting down the days to spring.

Well, spring has sucked as well.  Not much sun, lots of rain and dreariness.  Chilly.  It's been more like fall than spring.  So when the kids had off during Spring Break, there wasn't much to do here outside.  And I like doing stuff outside when it's nice; we live in Maryland, close to Annapolis, Baltimore, DC.  Beautiful places.  Not so beautiful when it's cold and rainy, though.

Desperate for something to do, I researched nearby weather.  Ocean City, MD - cold and rainy.  Hershey, PA - cold and rainy.  Richmond, VA - sunny and 75 - JACKPOT!  Road trip!  I did a little more research and discovered a place called Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  Perfect!

Becca, her friend Emily and I picked up Chris's mom and then we were on our way. Lauren didn't want to go - "Flowers bore me." - so she stayed home and played video games.  The trip was nice; it started off cold and pouring rain, but by the time we got to Richmond about three hours later, it was sunny and gorgeous.

A few pictures of our perfect day (and we were lucky; it rained ALL DAY back home):

Me, Becca and my mom-in-law:


Emily and Becca:


Some beautiful flowers:




Check out this little guy:


And we stopped by Steak and Shake on the way back:


Awesome day!

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Draven Ames said...

Hey Sheri, this looks like the perfect thing to do with a family when it is a rainy day and you have sunshine nearby. The pictures are beautiful, as the flowers are all amazingly colorful. Steak and Shake sounds yummy, but potentially expensive. Happy weekend to you and yours,

Draven Ames